Are You Ready for the Big One?

Pacific First Aid Limited

Important Earthquake Preparedness information from Pacific First Aid

British Columbia is located in an active earthquake zone where over 1200 small earthquakes are recorded each year. There is a real risk that a strong earthquake could strike soon possibly triggering a tsunami.  It could happen at any time of the day or night; on the weekend or a workday, in any season and in any weather. Just this April, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. What will you do when the Big One Hits? Will you and your family be ready?

drop-cover-hold-onAsk yourself these important questions:
Do I know what an earthquake might be like?
Do I know how to protect myself during an earthquake?
Do I know what to do when the motion stops?
Do I know how I’ll contact family members if we’re separated when the earthquake strikes?
Do I have emergency survival kits in my home, car and work place?
Have I taken measures to make my home safer and protect my property from a possible earthquake?

Last year on October 16th, over 690,000 people participated in the Great British Columbia Shake Out.  In addition to BC, millions of people worldwide practiced how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

pacific-first-aid-logoAccording to Bryan Wong (Director & Instructor at Pacific First Aid Ltd):
We always educate others to be prepared for at least 72 hours, don’t be under the assumption that because we live in the city that responders will be able to get to us right away. It can easily take responders up to a minimum of 3 days before they come to your assistance. Being prepared is essential and it having the peace of mind knowing you have a kit ready in the event of an emergency. Creating a plan with your family will take no more than 25 minutes! – Get Started Today, call Pacific First Aid and we can help!

For more information or to purchase your Earthquake Preparedness Kit please contact Bryan at Pacific First Aid today at 604.227.1318.