For Employers

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Work with posAbilities Employment Service to recruit, train and develop a vibrant and diverse workforce at your company. We work with employers in a variety of industries, and employers do not pay any fees. We continue to provide support when and where needed to ensure employment is maintained well after an initial match is made. Our job is to connect you to qualified candidates that can fulfill your labour requirements, add value to your company and improve your bottom line. Take a minute to find out what other employers are experiencing by watching this video and reading our stories.

Getting Started

Contact an employment specialist for your free consultation. We will come visit your site to explore your needs. Our services for employers include:

• Recommending pre-screened and qualified candidates
• On-site job training
• Assistance with building a natural support system at work
• Regular follow-ups
• Education for management and staff
• Additional training and support as required

Diverse Abilities in the Workplace

People with diverse abilities represent an untapped, unique pool of talent that can not only improve the bottom line, but fundamentally transform your business. Join us for an immersive exploration of hiring and working alongside people with diverse abilities.

Any Questions?

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQs for employers or speak with an employment specialist. Join our growing team of partners today.