Frequently Asked Questions by Job Seekers

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call our office at 604-299-4001 ext. 342 to have a conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions by jobSEEKERS

Do participants need to have a diagnosed disability?

We welcome everyone’s interest, although we specialize in working with those on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome and those with developmental disabilities.

Do you offer services to individuals under 18?

In line with studies showing the importance of starting to think about and even entering the world of employment as a teenager, we have created a Summer and Spring Break Employment Camp aimed at youth aged 14-18.

Can anyone find employment?

In our experience, yes. It is a task of matching the individual’s skills and abilities with needs of an employer. In addition to employment, we also assist individuals who are interested in entrepreneurship, self-employment and starting a social enterprise depending on the nature of their interests.

I don’t know what I want to do. Can you help with that?

One of the modules we offer is called ‘Discovery’. The purpose of these sessions, which vary in length depending on the individual, is to assist you in discovering what you would like to do. The conclusion may not be exact, for example “I want to be an accountant”, but the discovery module will point the employment specialist in the right direction. Themes such as working with computers, limited interaction with customers and/or working outdoors will emerge. These themes assist the employment specialist to identify the correct sector and to begin the job search.

Will working affect my PWD?

You can earn up to $800 per month without the Ministry making any deductions from your PWD. If you earn over $800 – for each extra dollar earned one is removed from your PWD. You will not lose money by securing employment. For additional information visit this page.

Do you provide transit training?

A significant benefit that individual’s gain from entering the workforce is independence. While this is often seen as solely financial, travel independence can also be a life changing freedom. We have trained staff who offer transit training should it be needed.

Do you offer training – First Aid? Food Safe? Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)?

We are able to assist with certification in all of these areas. For Food Safe and WHMIS certification, we can assist individuals to study and take the certification online. We have recently established a certified three day First Aid course and for more information, please contact us on how you can enroll.

What process is used to select employers? How do you know they will be the right fit?

Through the process of ‘Discovery’, we help you to identify the areas you would like to work in. Next, we approach employers in those fields via phone, email or most often, in person. Building relationships with companies and working in the community helps us to provide ongoing successful placements.

Do I have to tell an employer I have a disability?

The choice is yours. Disclosure in regard to a disability is a personal decision.

If I work now will I be able to claim PWD later?

For the most up-to-date information please the Ministry for Social Development and Social Innovation – visit

How much does your service cost? How are hours accounted for?

Each person will require different parts of our service. Rather than quoting a blanket cost, we prefer to meet with each individual/family in person (at no cost to you) to explore your needs and figure out how to keep costs down.