Jen Discovers Her Passion for Working With Children

Jen previously held a Lobby Attendant position at a movie theatre. She enjoyed the position but the hours were infrequent. After a few years, she decided she wanted a job with more regular hours. She then decided to partner with the posAbilities Employment Service in order to meet her employment goals. Jen’s journey had its ups and downs, but she knew she wanted a job where she could expand her cleaning skills. She just wasn’t sure what environment she wanted to work in.

Jen then participated in a work experience opportunity at a gym, where she had the opportunity to add laundry service and customer service skills to her resume. This experience led Jen to paid employment cleaning for a stratum in downtown Vancouver. The shifts were early in the morning and the cleaning area spanned between 3 residential towers and parking structures – a lot of ground to cover. This wasn’t a good fit for Jen as it didn’t make her happy.

They then together discovered that she really enjoyed interacting with children. However, she made it clear that she did not want to supervise children in her job. The employment specialist approached Stepping Blocks Children Centre in the hopes of creating a mutually beneficial position for Jen and the centre.  It was determined that the childcare staff didn’t have time within their day to launder the children’s bedding. This was a service that the Director of the centre wanted to maintain, and therefore, a position was created for Jen.

It has now been over a year, and Jen is still very positive about her role at the childcare centre.  She has had the opportunity to meet new people, utilize her skills and interact with children, not to mention earning a pay check. Just one look at Jen’s smiling face reflects the positive impact that gainful employment has had on her.