“Purposeful Purchasing” – A Great Partnership with Pacific First Aid

Pacific First Aid Limited

modified-first-aid-class2013 kicked off a fantastic pilot project for individuals participating in the posAbilities Employment Service programs. This project was the result of a partnership between Pacific First Aid and posAbilities. The two companies teamed up to create a streamlined Standard First Aid course tailored to individuals with developmental disabilities. This course, which is usually a one-day eight-hour course, was modified to span over three days and divided into core pieces. The class had a 100% success rate with all students receiving their First Aid Certificates. Not only was the class a success, another one was added in April 2014 with a total of 6 students, and the next round is kicking off in July. All of the individuals who have participated have embarked on their job search and this certification has made them more employable.


What is “purposeful purchasing”? Making purchases with the intention of achieving specific results in terms of a community’s social, human, cultural, structural, economic, or environmental capital is called “purposeful purchasing.” – David LePage

judy-pacific-first-aid-group-photoBy choosing to purchase from Pacific First Aid, PFA in turn chose to make a purchase of their own. This purchase involved the hiring of an individual from Vancouver Employment Services. Judy is a lovely young woman who was looking for a cleaning position, and her Employment Specialist knew right away that she would be a great fit for Pacific First Aid! Judy was introduced to Bryan, the owner, who brought her in for an interview. Judy had herself completed her Standard First Aid and was excited about this potential opportunity. After doing extremely well on her interview and flashing her smile, it became clear that this was a good match! Judy now works twice a week at Pacific First Aid. Her duties include general clean up, maintenance of the equipment, and checking and putting together the first aid kits. The staff have welcomed her to the team and are supportive every chance they get!


With the continued support of Judy’s Employment Specialist and the team at Pacific First Aid, Judy’s first job has been a life-changing experience. The idea of purposeful purchasing is beneficial for individuals, communities and most importantly, for businesses such as Pacific First Aid.