White Spot Finds a Perfect Fit for Their Team

sean-white-spot-dishwasher-success-storyKerrisdale White Spot had been looking for a dishwasher for some time, but could not seem to find the right candidate. They wanted someone who was hard working, a team player and very reliable. If the dishwasher doesn’t show up for their shift, the whole kitchen grinds to a halt!

At the same time, Sean and his family approached posAbilities Employment Service seeking support in finding Sean part-time employment while he attended college. Sean started having weekly meetings with an Employment Specialist to discover what exactly he wanted to do. Sean indicated that he wanted a job with a few shifts a week that was close to his parents’ house, not too challenging to start with and involved working with a friendly team. The Employment Specialist put two and two together; he and Sean created an updated resume and started practicing interview questions.

The following day, the Employment Specialist informed the White Spot manager that he may have the perfect candidate. Sean lived within walking distance, and was motivated and hard working. Additionally, the Employment Specialist would work alongside him for the first four shifts (or more if needed) to help him settle in. An interview date was set and the Specialist accompanied Sean to introduce himself to the all parties, but then left the interview in Sean’s capable hands.

Sean was offered the job and a training day was arranged. At first, as pre-arranged, the Specialist worked alongside Sean, helping him learn the processes involved in undertaking the job. After 3 shifts, the employment specialist stepped back, only arriving for the busiest part of the fourth shift and the not at all following that. The Specialist maintains good communication with the management at the White Spot to make sure all is going well, and also regularly meets Sean for coffee to check in and offer support.

At the 3 month mark, we asked Sean’s manager, Victoria Peacock, about how things were progressing. She told us “Sean has been a great addition to our team! He knows his job and works hard. He is observant and shows he cares by bringing ideas to the management team. He is reliable and maintains good communication with management. He is well liked by all and we are so happy to have him working with us.”