Ben’s First Chapter of Success at the Public Library


ben-vancouver-public-libraryWhen Ben and his mother approached posAbilities, they knew the line of work he wanted – books. Ben had been volunteering at a thrift store for some time, and enjoyed working in the book department. Ben and an employment specialist started to search for possible openings – visiting book stores, talking to managers and applying online. Then Ben and the employment specialist found a shelving role advertised at the Public Library and jointly created a resume and cover letter that suited the role.

After submitting Ben’s application, the employment specialist followed up with a phone call to the Director of Human Resources at the library and she informed the employment specialist that while over 600 people had applied, she would like to invite Ben to the written test – testing an individual’s familiarity with the Dewey Decimal System. Ben, his mother and the employment specialist started practicing online. A week later, Ben attended the test.

Unfortunately the testing format which is typically set forth for new applicants was not a good fit for Ben to prove his abilities. A working interview was selected and agreed on by the Director of Human Resources, Ben and his Employment Specialist. This allowed Ben to show he knew how to do the work required.

library. The employment specialist accompanied Ben for the first two shifts but took a backseat from the beginning, providing moral rather than hands-on support. Four weeks later. Ben was informed by the library that they wanted to place him on the payroll. Ben currently works two shifts a week and is looking to increase his hours over the coming months.